Reichle: The Swabian Hidden Champion Becomes a Digital Pioneer with Webflow

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The innovation driver in surface technology becomes a pioneer in digitalisation.

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Frosted design meets Swabian innovation.

Halbstark developed a digital corporate design concept that illustrates Reichle's laser technology with a Frosted Blur effect. Modern typography and microinteractions complement the design to create a well-rounded overall experience. All designs were thought mobile to accommodate the increasing mobile traffic in the B2B sector.

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Modular scaling system across all devices with Webflow

Thanks to the proportional scaling of the content, a consistent display across all devices is ensured. With Webflow's internal CMS system, the complete website including all subpages can be managed 100%. The independent administration in the Webflow backend avoids redundancies and guarantees a smooth scaling of business processes.

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Scalable CMS development through independent administration via the Webflow backend.

The complete website system, including all subpages, can be managed 100% in Webflow's internal CMS system. As a single source of truth, redundancies are avoided and thus a smooth scaling of business processes is guaranteed.

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Reichle: The Swabian Hidden Champion Becomes a Digital Pioneer with Webflow
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Managing Director Creation
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