Marvin Blach

Managing Director Technology

Managing Director and part-time cyclist. Marvin studied audiovisual media and is mainly responsible for motion design and webflow.

Hobby trader with technology fetish

What few know about you?

If I find companies likeable, I like to buy their shares.

What do you do in your spare time?

My favourite way to spend my free time is running or cycling. I like to travel & can be found wherever it is warm & wet in the summer.

Right- or left-handed?


What have you learned?

I studied audiovisual media and worked at Strichpunkt Design for six months. There I worked intensively with motion design. Motion design still plays an important role in my work. But I've also added web development, which is an excellent complement to motion design.

We are going on holiday. Camping or all-inclusive?


Most used app on your mobile phone?

Trade Republic