OMR 2023 Review

OMR 2023 Review

Two days in Hamburg at OMR: Our honest review of the meeting of the digital superlatives.

But first: What is the OMR?

OMR is one thing above all: a festival for the digital universe with a lot of entertainment and show. A place to network, gather inspiration, educate yourself and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the online marketing industry. Every year in May, marketing, digital and technology experts gather in Hamburg to be part of this spectacle (and because their FOMO prevents them from not going). International companies present their latest products, founders share their inspiring stories and influencers explain how they became a brand. A few clichés were fulfilled, of course: it was way too crowded - too many pretty people, with white sneakers and colorful Zara blazers, drinking bottles of overpriced wine already at noon.

Our highlights of the OMR:

State of the German Internet 2023: The Update for Everyone in the Digital Cosmos - OMR CEO Philipp Westermeyer and OMR Editor-in-Chief Roland Eisenbrand on digital industry trends, challenges for marketers, and the winners and losers in the digital space.

Here are the most important facts of the presentation:

  • GAFA appears to have reached its growth peak.
  • The "social" in "social media" no longer exists - professional and entertainment content are the focus instead.
  • Sports streaming among the biggest winners 22/23
  • the Metaverse is one of the losers this year
  • Logos become more and more boring
  • Also exciting: The production costs per minute of social media videos overtake the costs of classic television productions.

We think: State of the German Internet 2023 is absolutely recommendable. Here you can watch the keynote "State of the German Internet" again on YouTube.

"I have been a woman all my life" - this was the sentence with which Barbara Frenkel started her interview with Markus Lanz about her path to the Porsche Executive Board. It is still not a matter of course that a woman is so successful in the automotive industry. She talked about how she made it to the top, what it means to be a good leader and how she deals with being responsible for 14 billion euros and countless jobs. Very inspiring, down-to-earth and authentic woman!

Another highlight for sure: Oli P.!!! At just under 22 clock Oli P. enters the Red Stage after K.I.Z. and the hall goes wild. We danced, sang, laughed and had a great time until the lights went out at about 00:10. But for us it went on to various after- and after-after-parties in Hamburg's city. An unforgettable evening with the team - gladly again.

Our conclusion:

Yes, it was crowded and yes, the tickets are not exactly cheap - BUT the OMR is definitely not only a hype event, but also offers a lot of exciting and interesting input for everyone who is interested in the digital world. You can discover trends, build connections and create new visions - and that makes it worth the hype.

OMR 2023 Review
Selina Knierling
[email protected]
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