Halbstark becomes Webflow Professional Partner

Halbstark becomes Webflow Professional Partner

As one of only 8 agencies in Germany, Halbstark can now count itself among the exclusive circle of Webflow partner agencies.

For 4 years now, we have been supporting our customers in digital projects exclusively with Webflow. Due to the closed system and the independence from external software solutions, Webflow not only ensures great cost savings for the customer, but also a high level of data protection, as third-party apps are usually not required.

We are proud of our long-standing partnership with Webflow, with more than 90 web design projects already completed, and look forward to many more successful projects for our clients. Or to put it in the words of Webflow: Keep it 'flowin.

Halbstark becomes Webflow Professional Partner
Jonas Schäuffelen
Managing Director Development
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