Halbstark Days 2023

Halbstark Days 2023

At Halbstark , we not only place great importance on ensuring that our customers are satisfied, but also on a well-functioning team. That's why once a year we take the entire team on our Halbstark Days or Vision Week for a few days to work on our team, our processes and our goals. Of course, we also have a lot of fun - a really good work-life-balance. This year, we want to give you a few insights into what we have been working on and what might change in the future:


Wednesday morning we started towards Austria. Arrived in idyllic Schröcken, we first went on a short hike to the most beautiful place in Austria - the Körbersee. In the midst of an impressive mountain scenery there was then a (ice-cold) cooling, before the stomach was filled on the mountain hut. Afterwards we went to our accommodation for the next three days. Together we officially started the Halbstark Days with the status quo and our agenda, before we got down to business in the individual departments. In the evening we finished the evening together with our view from the terrace. The next day we continued working on our tasks first thing in the morning in the individual groups. At noon we went to the outdoor pool to cool down before we went back to Halbstark . Also our last evening we had a good time with a lot of fun and entertainment. On Friday we went back home after spending the morning with our tasks in the accommodation.

Company Updates

In addition to individual colleagues who have been with us for several years now, we have also been able to welcome new faces to our ranks. The team is growing and so is the motivation! This is also reflected in the goals we set ourselves at the beginning of the year, which are still on track. In order to achieve our goals for this and also the next years, we optimize processes, provide additional resources, always stay motivated and give our best! This is also reflected in our credo:

  1. We cultivate a culture of friendliness, courtesy and helpfulness
  2. We strive to learn and develop continuously
  3. We are excellent at what we do
  4. We act responsibly, think ahead and actively participate in the thought process
  5. We always work reliably
  6. We value down-to-earthness and remain modest despite our successes.

Design Department

In our design team, we have also placed special emphasis on optimizing our processes (especially in Figma). With the help of library, templates and the right plug-ins, we are now well prepared for all our customers' wishes. Due to the regular updates and enhancements, we are in a constant process of rethinking and adapting processes in order to work efficiently. In addition, we want to achieve a regular and greater exchange internally in the future by chatting about inspiration, the latest features and all current trends.

Another point: social media/marketing. We realize that social media is becoming more and more important for companies of all kinds, luckily we are digital experts and therefore it is not difficult to create a good social media presence (those who do not yet follow us on Instagram and Co. should change that as soon as possible). But of course we are not satisfied with that. Here, too, we're working on getting even better, with regular content that doesn't just correspond to the standard posts - so stay tuned...

Development Department

A significant aspect of the development process concerns quality assurance. In the coming phases, we strive to ensure that all elements are thoroughly reviewed in collaboration with the design department and final optimization measures are carried out before any implementation. Dedicated checklists are created for this purpose to ensure that no detail is overlooked and to ensure a first-class implementation for our customers.

In addition, the time coordination of our projects in both the design and development segments is of essential importance. Through clear communication, adherence to internal and external deadlines, and a high level of transparency in our meetings, we intend to optimize our processes in the future.

Office Department

Our agenda included various financial topics such as optimizing the invoice run, improving processes and redesigning the offer template. In addition to these aspects, items such as the traditional provision of fruit for employees (albeit clichéd) and event planning were also covered. As you may already know, we at Halbstark are known for exceptional summer parties that require extensive planning.

"Creative ideas - beautiful lakes - a little Lillet".

In conclusion, we can say that we had a lot of fun at this year's Halbstark Days with our team and are already looking forward to the next Halbstark Days 2024! See you next year 🤍

Halbstark Days 2023
Selina Knierling
[email protected]
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