Design Internship Recap

Design Internship Recap

My name is Franzi and I was an intern at Halbstark for 5 months as part of a mandatory internship in the area of web design. I was able to gain a lot of experience during this time and would like to give you a little insight:

I work at Halbstark in collaboration with the design team on the design of various websites. My days here always started between 8 and 10 a.m. - Mondays and Fridays in the home office and on the other three days we were all in the office in Stuttgart. I shared the office space with four other colleagues, who made for a very pleasant office atmosphere. On Tuesdays, there is always a so-called "weekly" in which we discussed the tasks and news of the week. This way, everyone knew right at the beginning of the week what was coming up and what needed to be done. During each task, I was in direct contact with one of my bosses, who was always available for questions and feedback.

My experience at Halbstark has been very broad. On the one hand I was able to expand my knowledge about designing, on the other hand I discovered the joy of working in a design team. So I was allowed to be part of some cool projects. Some of them were smaller tasks, but I was also responsible for the design of a complete website. This way I was able to experience how a holistic design process works and what needs to be taken care of. So I could gain experience about the contact with customers. I also got an insight into the process of how projects are accepted and executed - from writing proposals to direct interaction with clients and finalizing a design. By participating in client calls, I also learned how to communicate with clients and meet their expectations.

At Halbstark I was part of a great team, where everyone works passionately on their projects and supports and helps each other. There is always a relaxed and pleasant working atmosphere. I always had the feeling that I was respected and taken seriously.

My time at Halbstark is characterized by new things I have learned, wonderful experiences and great people. Through all the projects and tasks I have been able to take away a lot for my future and gain many new skills. I would recommend an internship at Halbstark to anyone who is interested in web design or development. Here you are warmly welcomed and integrated. You have the possibility to bring in your own ideas and are allowed to develop. You are also challenged to try out new things and develop yourself further. Halbstark can give you a lot to take with you on your way and I am grateful for the time I spent there.

Design Internship Recap
Franziska Heck
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