Bachelor Thesis Recap

Bachelor Thesis Recap

As a media design student at Macromedia University of Applied Sciences in Stuttgart, I had the opportunity to write my bachelor's thesis in collaboration with Halbstark GmbH. In the months from October 2023 to January 2024, I worked together with them on my research project on the topic of design principles of components of an e-commerce website with a focus on usability and conversion.

The experience I gained was not only instructive, but also enriched my personal and professional development.

In my bachelor thesis, I dealt with the changes in e-commerce due to digitalization. The thesis defines and correlates terms such as e-commerce, user experience, usability and conversion rate. A particular focus is on the importance of optimizing usability in e-commerce.

Based on my research, I was able to establish general design principles for e-commerce websites that have been proven to improve usability. I analyzed specific components of an e-commerce website and developed a workpiece based on this. This consisted of the conception and design of components for an online store, which was created in collaboration with Halbstark GmbH.

This collaboration enabled me not only to develop my components as a theoretical concept, but also to integrate them into the "Liquify Pro" software from Halbstark . This software is used to construct Shopify stores on the Webflow platform. By developing specific components, the aim was to integrate them into the software and thus create additional benefits for users.

The methodology part of my work included a usability test that focused on the components I had developed. Here, too, the support of Halbstark GmbH proved to be extremely helpful, both in the implementation and in the evaluation of the results.


The time I spent with Halbstark GmbH during my bachelor thesis was not only very instructive, but also a great experience. The atmosphere at Halbstark was very inspiring and supportive right from the start. Above all, the teamwork on the components of the online store was really fun. I was not only able to draw on the experience of the design team, but also contribute my own ideas. My colleagues were always on hand to answer my questions and were particularly helpful with design issues relating to my workpiece. This support made the whole process of writing my Bachelor's thesis easier.

The opportunity to implement my research in a real business environment has also broadened my horizons and expanded my online store design skills.

All in all, the support of Halbstark has not only led to a successful completion of my bachelor thesis, but also to a positive outlook for upcoming projects. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been part of this great team and look forward to further challenges in my future.

Bachelor Thesis Recap
Franziska Heck
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