Inspired by nature. Rebranding & web design for the floristry school from Stuttgart.

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Holistic brand development including website, image video and rebranding.

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Modern & fresh, inspired by nature. Adapted to the target group.

From the very beginning, the corporate design was conceived digitally. The overarching circle element, which is derived from nature, runs through the entire rebranding. The font is modern and clear. Pleasant pastel tones alternate with lush green tones.

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Mobile-first approach for an engaging, modern brand.

Right from the start, the corporate design was digitally oriented and inspired by nature. The overarching circle element runs throughout the rebranding and is supported by modern, clear lettering and pleasant pastel as well as lush green tones. Our mobile-first approach allowed us to create an attractive and modern school brand that contributed to a sustainable increase in brand awareness and a stable expansion of student numbers.

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Simple, scalable management through Webflow backend.

The complete website, including all subpages, can be managed via Webflow's internal CMS system. As a single source of truth, redundancies are avoided and smooth scalability of business processes is guaranteed. Webflow enables simple and flexible management of the website without sacrificing functionality or design.

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Inspired by nature. Rebranding & web design for the floristry school from Stuttgart.
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Managing Director Creation
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